Methadone is a medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). When taken as prescribed, methadone is safe and effective. Methadone helps individuals achieve and sustain recovery and to reclaim active and meaningful lives. Methadone is one component of a comprehensive treatment plan, which includes counseling and other behavioral health therapies to provide patients with a whole-person approach.

How does Methadone work?

Methadone is a long-acting opioid agonist that reduces opioid craving and withdrawal. Methadone is safe and effective, when taken as prescribed. Methadone medication is specifically tailored for an individual patient and is never to be shared with or given to others. This is particularly important for patients who take methadone at home and are not required to take medication under direct supervision at an OTP.

Patients should share their complete health history with our healthcare staff to ensure the safe use of the medication.

Other medications may interact with methadone and cause heart conditions, and the medication’s active ingredients remain in the body for much longer. Unintentional overdose is possible if patients do not take methadone as prescribed.

Treatment Options

  • Daily Dosing of Methadone
  • Daily Dosing of Buprenorphine
  • Individual Counseling Services
  • Group Counseling Services
  • Quick Medical Consults
  • Narcan Education
  • Urine Drug Screens
  • Drug tests for DSS
  • Referral Services


Stephens Outreach Center is a trusted provider of behavioral health services in the counties of Scotland and Robeson, North Carolina.

Walk-in patients are welcome.

Appointments are available by calling (910) 535-4123.

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Insurance Accepted: Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, EastPointe, IPRS funds for the uninsured, and Self-Pay.



Stephens Outreach Center for Indigent Services, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to provide services to indigent people who are experiencing difficulties in their life. This organization is dedicated to helping people by providing supportive counseling, targeted case management, transitional housing, and basic living needs for indigent people such as food, clothing, shelter, and furniture.