SAIOP is an intensive substance abuse outpatient treatment program providing comprehensive support to people in early recovery for approximately 12-16 weeks. Clients receive 9 hours of group treatment a week, plus individual counseling, case management and couples/family counseling as needed.


The primary goal of SAIOP is abstinence from addictive substances. Secondary goals and outcomes may include sustained improvement in overall health, quality relationships with family and friends, improvements in finding and maintaining work, reduced depression and anxiety, and a minimized risk of relapse in the future. SAIOP is tailored to fit each individual’s needs by developing a Person-Centered Plan which helps one identify goals, needs, and preferences in one’s treatment and life.


SAIOP services are provided during day and evening hours to enable individuals to maintain independence, continue to work or go to school, and to be a part of their family life.

Services include:

  • Individual therapy;
  • Group counseling and support;
  • Family counseling, and training or support;
  • Drug assays, such as urine drug screens, for drug testing;
  • Relapse prevention strategies which include social support;
  • Essential life skills;
  • Crisis contingency planning;
  • Disease management; and
  • Adaptive treatment support activities.

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