Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT) is a form of recovery treatment that meets 5 days a week. More intensive than SAIOP, the program is beneficial for those who are facing addiction as well as underlying mental health challenges.


Our SACOT program is a service that helps people who are struggling with substance abuse. It emphasizes reduction in the use and abuse of substances, and encourages abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The program helps participants develop social support networks, and teaches necessary lifestyle changes for improved social and interpersonal skills, family functioning, a greater opportunity for employment, and an understanding of addictive disease.


Services are provided during day and evening hours to enable individuals to maintain independence, continue to work or go to school, and to be a part of their family life.

Services include:

  • Individual therapy;
  • Group counseling and support;
  • Family counseling, and training or support;
  • Drug assays, such as urine drug screens, for drug testing;
  • Relapse prevention strategies which include social support;
  • Essential life skills;
  • Crisis contingency planning;
  • Disease management; and
  • Adaptive treatment support activities.

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