A comprehensive clinical assessment (CCA) is a diagnostic tool used by mental health and substance abuse professionals to evaluate an individual’s condition. The report provides important information that can be used to determine the best course of treatment.


The CCA is an intensive clinical and functional assessment that results in a written report summarizing the individual’s mental health and/or substance abuse disorder diagnosis:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the individual’s needs;
  • Pertinent social, family, and medical history;
  • Determination of what is needed and appropriate;
  • Evaluation of mental health, substance use disorders or other medical conditions; and
  • An annual assessment to determine if the desired outcome or level of functioning has been restored, improved, or sustained over the timeframe.


What To Expect: The initial session with a therapist is an important one. This is when the therapist will ask a series of structured questions about your social and behavioral health history. The purpose of these questions is to explore abuse, substance use, trauma, social engagement with family and peers, employment, health, and overall well-being and mental status. By asking these questions, the therapist can get a better understanding of your individual situation and how to best help you. It is important to be honest and open when answering these questions, as it will help the therapist better understand how to support you.

Why Are Assessments Needed For Therapy: The assessment process is one of the most important steps in therapy. It allows the therapist to learn about their patient’s strengths, needs, and psychosocial history. This information is essential for developing an effective treatment plan. The assessment process should be tailored to each individual patient, as no two patients are exactly alike. However, there are some common elements that should be included in every assessment. These include a thorough medical history, a review of past mental health treatment, a discussion of current symptoms, and an evaluation of psycho-social functioning. By taking the time to carefully assess each patient, therapists can ensure that they are providing the best possible care.

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