Stephens Outreach Center celebrates the State’s dedication to creating Tailored Care Management Services that ensure Medicaid recipients and people with disabilities are receiving quality, well-coordinated care. With these services in place, Stephens Outreach Center will make a considerable contribution towards achieving this goal for holistic health outcomes across our local area.

What Are Care Management Agencies?

Stephens Outreach Center is a Care Management Agency (CMA) in order to fill the gaps of person-centered and integrated care. As advocates for thousands with Mental Health & Substance Abuse Illness each year, we are acutely aware that improved coordination of services is needed – not only those already receiving support but also those on waiting lists. This new CMA approach will empower affected individuals by allowing them to choose their own agency, aiding navigation through challenging systems and ultimately improving health outcomes while enhancing quality of life.


Stephens Outreach Center is taking a proactive approach to integrated care with the introduction of dedicated Care Managers. These highly trained professionals strive to bring individuals and their families closer together, maximizing health outcomes along the way. By forming multidisciplinary teams focused on individual needs and having an appointed manager facilitating this collaboration between team members, we’re arming people with greater resources for managing medical conditions while optimizing overall well-being.

Care Managers are also essential in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to reach their full health potential by connecting people to valuable resources that address social determinants of health. It’s critical for individuals and families across all communities receive equal access, support, and care.


At our organization, we understand that the best way to create lasting change and improve quality of life for those with mental health issues and substance abuse is through thoughtful care management. With effective coordination across services, there is boundless opportunity to enrich lives in North Carolina – something we are fully committed to achieving.

Stephens Outreach Center Commitment

Stephens Outreach Center is proud to announce that, through a rigorous journey of development and certification, we have been approved as a Care Management Agency. Starting December 1, 2022 our affiliated LMEs/MCOs (Eastpointe, Sandhills & Trillium) will be offering Tailored Care Management services for Medicaid recipients in need of support and care who live with mental illness or substance use disorder. With over 70,000 eligible individuals impacted throughout North Carolina the possibilities provided by this new program are immense!

Program Launch

Since December 1st, we have been offering Care Management services to serve individuals with mental illness and substance use disorder. For every individual receiving our care management services, a designated provider will work closely to ensure their medical and behavior health needs are met as well as coordinate associated community-based resources which can help these members achieve more fulfilling lives.

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